Rave Reviews!

“CYUY provides the tools for reaching my goals. Attending CYUY is like going to the gym but instead of working my body out I am working on my whole life goal achievement. It is my time that I invest in me and it is the best investment of my time.”
~Steve Kaller, CEO, Ultimate New Home Sales and Marketing

“I believe inspired people inspire others. This program keeps me aware of my daily goals, as well as the long-term goals. CYUY is presented in an inspirational way that keeps my tank full to continue to inspire others to do their best.”
~JoAnne Williams, Owner, JWilliamsStaffing

“CYUY is opening my mind and providing a clear concise purpose of where I am going in life, both at home and work.”
~Shirley Brown, Publisher, Home Buyers Guide

“CYUY refocuses my energy every month to accomplish more and show that I care more often to those that I love and work with. It has made me evaluate how I treat my spouse, has made me more focused and goal oriented, and has made me want to be a better mentor, friend, and leader.”
~Ron Vallandingham, Director New Homes, Heritage Escrow

“CYUY (Create Your Ultimate Year) has been the best leadership and management training my company has ever experienced. I actually charged a portion to my employee training budget and a portion to my corporate management training budget. My regional managers have really benefited from the study guides and direct attention to the way we communicate and work together as a team to reach our goals. The ‘Take Aways’ from these sessions have been more valuable than the cost! For a small, start-up company like JWS to invest in training at this level, we needed a huge return on investment and we GOT IT.”
~JoAnne Williams, Owner, JWilliamsStaffing

“My investment is time and I think it’s worth every minute!”
~Jason Hampton, Executive Vice President, Victoria Homes

I have developed PASSION in my life!”
~Donald Ross, Sales Manager, Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing

“CYUY has helped my communication skills, both in business and with my family. It has also helped in prioritizing the various aspects of my life, helped me to be a better leader, and has greatly helped me to improve the balance between family and work. CYUY is an excellent value!”
~Kenneth Gertz, COO, Ultimate New Home Sales and Marketing

“CYUY’s value is truly incredible! This has been an absolutely wonderful year for me.”
~Deanna Myers, Assistant Purchasing Agent, Griffin Communities

“Because of CYUY, I am getting to know and understand myself better.”
~Barbara Rossoll, Sales & Marketing Manager, NewHomesDirectory.com

“Shawna is such a wonderful inspiration to me every month! Going to CYUY keeps me on track with my ambitions and continually rejuvenates me…It has helped me tangibly make my dreams a reality and…saved my relationship with my Dad.”
~Kyung Shin, Sales, Ultimate New Home Sales and Marketing

If you are interested in seeing a CYUY program in your city or state,
please contact:
Shawna Schuh, Certified Speaking Professional
877-474-2962 – email info@cyuy.com


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