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Sesame and Shawna

Sesame and Shawna

Hello, I am Shawna Louise Schuh.  This is a photo of me and my mare, Sesame, on a day she is behaving! I’m an animal lover, people lover, and life lover –

Creating an “about me” page is an interesting experiment for me so here I am, stumbling over what to say, deciding what could be of interest to someone not in my tribe or circle.

I’ll start with my passions – a clue to who I am – passionate, intense, curious.

I dig learning, doing, creating. I’m an absolute fanatic about friendships – don’t have tons of deep ones – though for the handful plus I have, I am fiercely loyal.

My best day is full of: Laughter, growth, challenge – presenting or coaching so that others are blessed and stopping to think, pray, express gratitude. Not every day is a best day – it’s a goal!

My next dream is the one I’m muddled up about in regards to delivery – I would like to use this amazing time period we’re in to deeply effect people to become better in regards to their social and business behavior. I want to help spread the word that we are able to affect a shift through loving, knowing ourselves better and being kinder, more gracious (what to call it is a bugaboo – though it’s really about love and responsibility).

The goal for me is to use humor, lessons, love and all the media possible to increase and improve our level of people skills.

The twist and excitement for me is: I want teach with pets. Not for everything – they aren’t in all of our situations however the lessons they can teach are amazing and can open our minds to new ways to communicate and behave.

That’s where the muddle comes in. I’m uncertain how to go about it – currently I’m meeting with people to get ideas, maybe write a live show to demonstrate poor behavior and then to show what would improve it – we would video also to edit and share, all with love and humor.

Also – I write consistently – and feel passionate about that – however all the reading and learning I’m doing about how to get things out into the world hasn’t stuck in my noggin yet. I would like to have partners in this pursuit.

Wanting to partner I think comes from loving pets and people. When I read or work I like the companionship of a pup, or two!

When I’m working it’s truly wonderful to be able to share, grow, give, that’s why I so dig coaching – I’m collaborating with someone for their greatest good.

What else…

I live in a log house – we had a designer pull our ideas together so as far as we know it’s a one of a kind – we live in a very rural area on 20 acres – we have a horse boarding facility, so fascinating people and animals are around all the time.

Before I jumped into my current and fabulous journey of working with professionals on their people skills, I taught finishing, fashion and commercial work for a finishing/modeling school for over two decades – did all that education, etc.

I realized that if I really wanted to improve the world I had better hit the models for behavior: bosses, executives and people who seek continuing education through conferences and seminars.

Also – since I’m an avid reader and seeker myself I began to shift into thinking in deeper ways –

How can I write and share at a level besides simply, “Here’s how to do or say something.” I’m interested in helping people think about why they say something – or what they really want – or how they can alter to shift their outcome.

All this is cool for me because when I become aware and notice – what I become aware of shifts, and when I do that – the results are outstanding – when my clients do this they get those same fabulous results. Now – how to duplicate the magic and who with? It’s exciting.

I include it to show another part of me – I like odd photos. I also love the laughter, love, adoration and frustration of having pets – to me sharing my life with furry and hairy critters is sublime.

Okay – this is plenty I’m sure for a personal page – though putting in the pictures of my pets instills in me the desire to share stories and funny mishaps from our farm – I will refrain for now and hope to share them later – if you would like.

I will put in my list of websites – in case you want to know more about my work – my attempts at putting the word out and of course for those ever important back links (or so I’ve been told).


Thanks for reading, or visiting, or caring – May your life be filled with laugher and love!

Blessings, Shawna

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