Dreaming while driving

English: Country Road Country road near to Rus...

English: Country Road Country road near to Rushbrooke, Suffolk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Driving home yesterday in glorious late afternoon sun, over clear country roads, I gazed up at the clouds and dreamt a bit while driving.


Letting my mind float as my body handled the routine of getting my car down familiar roads.


What is it that I want? Am I living my dream? What if…?


Even now I smile at the great feeling – when you are free, tooling through the rich deep green of the country answering internal questions with joy and excitement.


I am blessed – I am grateful.


Tom Bradley has said something others have as well: “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”


Today, how are you thinking? What are you dreaming and most important who are you being?


During this day be aware of moving more and more into the state of mind of gratitude and possibilities – and if you need to do a little dreaming while driving – take a country road, you’ll see something delightful if you look.


You create your day by the way you think –

Go make it a magnificent day!


Blessings, Shawna



~ by Shawna Schuh on June 19, 2012.

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