The Challenge is on!

 – What you see here is an award challenge given to me by a friend and fellow blogger – Janet Herring Sherman – who writes: AnimalsOurEverything  – here’s a link to the post for you to see:

The challenge is to write 5 little known statements about myself as the blogger with only one of the statements/stories being true.

The goal is to write well enough that you think each one is true – and then of course for you to vote on which one you think is the real truth so you must comment on this – or it doesn’t work!

So here we go: Which of these stories really happened…

One time when I was 9 years old my parents took our family camping in the woods. I wandered off and ended up in this little clearing with ferns that were almost as tall as me. Instead of being scared, I was peaceful and sat down thinking I was in a fairytale land and making up stories – when suddenly a deer appeared right next to me. At first I thought it didn’t see me but then I realized it knew I was there and was unafraid of me. From that day on I knew I would never be scared about being in the forest alone and I never have been.


In the summer of 1998 I was traveling with a show band and we were in upstate New York when our van broke down in the middle of the night. We were in an area that was pretty secluded and it was late and we were tired so we decided to simply sleep there next to the side of the road. There were six of us in the van so two of us stretched out on the bench seats and the other four grabbed whatever they could find and laid down outside to sleep. In the morning all four of the band members who slept outside woke up with so many bug bites they looked like they had been attacked – one puffed up so much his eyes where swollen shut and we didn’t have any way to get help. When a car came by we made a human chain across the road so they would have no other option but to stop and help us and they did.



Once when I was in the fourth grade one of the boys I liked in class dared me to unzip the dress of another girl in class. Some of the girls wore little dresses with the long zipper that ran up the back of the dress.  So while we waited in line outside for recess I slowly unzipped her dress all the way down the back – when she moved to the front of the line to do the next game she felt the breeze and went screaming off the playground. I got in a lot of trouble and felt really bad about it.


My first year in college I was really shy and there was a guy in my second period history class I really wanted to know but I could never bring myself to say anything to him. One day while I was eating lunch and he was sitting at a table in front of me I was trying to get one of those little catsup packages open and I was squeezing it and squeezing it and nothing seemed to be coming out. Then I looked up and noticed a tiny stream of red catsup had squirted all over the shoulder of this guys white shirt. I got up and left the lunch room and never spoke to him about that or anything else.


When I was in my early twenties and very interested in the entertainment industry I had the chance to work with James Cain. He was in town filming a movie for cable and he needed someone to watch his dog. I went onto the set everyday and basically babysat his yorkie while he worked. I thought the dog was sweet and James Cain really funny. The whole time he was here I never got one photo with him which bums me out to this day.


Okay – there you have it – which do you think really happened? Leave your comments and I will reveal the truth sometime in the future –



Next – the goal is to share five other blogs I find appealing – and this is where I’m breaking down a bit –

I read business blogs usually and ones focused on my interests – these don’t seem to be ones that have a single writer who would be willing to take on this challenge – though you never know – and because I enjoy reading these blogs I will list them as a courtesy to you – my blog reader –

Check them out –

Of course my friend and fellow blogger who got me into this deal –

Janet Sherman:  

Sue Fay – who is a wonderful photographer and storyteller:

For my copywriting interest:

For new thinking: Seth Godin

For business ideas and as a fellow speaker Bob Burg:


Okay – that moves this challenge off my overflowing plate and out into the blogsphere – where it may remain for who knows how long –

Only time will tell! Remember to comment and also that you create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna


~ by Shawna Schuh on June 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Challenge is on!”

  1. You live such a rich life, I think it could be any of these. I’m choosing #1, because, of everyone I know, YOU are the most able to see the silver lining in every thing from blue skies to thunderclouds. It could be #4, the Catsup Incident, but I think the “you” I know would have used that as an opportunity to meet the fellow you had your eye on. But then you mentioned being shy at the time. So I’m sticking with #1. Thanks again for joining the challenge. Janet

  2. Hi Janet, Thanks for weighing in – the exercise was good for me even as I chewed over what to write –
    Looking forward to hearing which of yours is true!
    Blessings, Shawna

  3. I can believe #5 the James Cain and Yorkie story. At that age it’s almost like hob-nobbing right along side with the big boys. Not getting a photo with would bum me out forever too.

    You’ve had some great experiences in the entertainment field. I remember your commercial out in the forest high up in the rangers station tower. And what about the local mall sunglass segment.

    Can’t wait to read the real truth story.


  4. Hi Deb,
    I’m not telling yet – and thanks for weighing in – you’re great to read the blog and be active –
    That forest ranger commerical spot ran a long time – so fun and funny that you remember it!
    Thanks for p;osting! Shawna

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