Sunday Planning: People Skills

Weekly Calendar

Sunday’s – especially sunny Sunday’s – are a¬†wonderful gift –

Have you slept in to give your body a bit of a boost?

Did you attend religious services and connect to your spiritual center and community?

Are there things that need to be done around the house?

Is grocrey shopping and errands on your list to do this day?

What about family? Is Sunday the day the roast goes in the oven and the family gatthers at your place?

Sunday’s are great days to plan your week also. So maybe along with all the other things you want to do or not do on this Sunday – and the first day of the month – you can plan today too.

Here’s some things to consider on this day before schedules kick back in –

1. When will you schedule to do your list making, and reflection of the day and week?

2. How many days will you move? Are you exercising regularly? You are more likely to do it if you put in in your plan and calendar it.

3. How will you grow this week? Determine the book you’ll read, the class you’ll take or the lesson you’ll listen to in the car or online.

4. When will you do new business development? Do you have a certain time planned each day and if not when would be a good time to schedule this vital to success action step?

5. Play time – are you planning to do something fun this week? Sunday’s are a great day to plan not only all the transportation needs of your family and life, it’s also great to include something that makes you happy.

Now – it’s time to stop reading this – and checking your email – and plan out your week. Who do you want to spend time with this week? Write it down – put it in your calendar – because you create your life by the way you think – and if you think it – write and schedule it – it works!

Blessings, Shawna


~ by Shawna Schuh on May 1, 2011.

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