Don’t Make the Same Mistake: People Skills

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I’m going to blame it on my new ipad – which I adore – however because I want to take it everywhere it’s forced me to shift handbags, configure the things I carry with me.

The bag that fits the new ipad – makes my usual bag, my small compact, carry everything I need bag – obsolete – so I left it home – transferring only my top of mind essentials – like money into this bigger bag –

What didn’t make the transfer were my business cards – the ones I needed for the networking event I attended last night.

So besides feeling like a ninny – I have the opportunity to follow up with those who asked for my card – always a gift – and I can fix this faux pas for next time – plus help you not make the same mistake.

Here’s what’s on the agenda this morning –

Placing business cards:

  1. In every bag I have – just a few cards and then no matter what bag I grab or use I have them.
  2. Adding business cards to briefcases
  3. Putting cards in our vehicles – so no matter where I go I’ve got those great little networking gems –


That should do it – short of taping them to my body I should have them at the ready when I meet amazing people who are interested in what I do –

Plus – I can continue to live what I teach – which is good people skills – making it easy to do business with me –

And I’ve had the opportunity to share that I was less than wonderful last night – because apologizing for not having an essential tool of business is an awkward and uncomfortable place to be – and yet – it’s human – and forgivable – and for a person who teaches about people skills – funny!

Love to hear what you do to remember your cards – or how you use life lessons to evolve!

Blessings, Shawna

~ by Shawna Schuh on April 14, 2011.

6 Responses to “Don’t Make the Same Mistake: People Skills”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Shawna! I have brand new business cards, and you’re right — I gotta have them with me to use them! You always find the silver lining, and your blog is such a direct way for you to share those discoveries with us! I feel blessed to have your words at the top of my day. Janet

  2. Missy,

    You are so great…Always learning, from mistakes or successes!!!!

    You ROCK!

  3. Hey there Shawna,
    I know after thoughts don’t count when the moment is at hand, but add that there ipad to your payroll and have it email them your card. New job title “Assistant”.
    I personally have a huge computer printed check-off list of forget-me-not’s that I tend to before heading out for any event. Comes in handy too so you don’t leave anything behind after the event.
    You are so amazing Shawna, thanks for letting us share. ~Deb~

    • Wow Deb – you are fab and wonderful!
      Love these ideas! The ipad is so new it’s exciting to get ideas about how to use it best – thank you!
      Plus – like you I’m a list maker – and have one on my computer – though the issue isn’t the list – it’s checking it! Ha!

      You’re great to comment and leave helpful ideas! Thanks and blessings, Shawna

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