People Skills: Snarls or Smiles?

Thirteen of us gathered at the arena, dogs on leashes, some straining against the restriction, all excited about the smells, the breeds, the place, the event.

Dogs are like that, they show their excitement and their happiness, displeasure and mood immediately.

Dogs can also shift their behaviors in a second. From giddy to good, from a snarl to a smirk, it seems they don’t hold a grudge; they make themselves understood and then move on. What a great way to live!

Business people can learn a lot from watching dogs. A few of the interactions last night in the arena reminded me of a networking event.

Some of the dogs came to the meeting with the intent to make friends and they walked in with wagging tails, mouths smiling, and ears flapping. Others were instantly alert for danger and their hair went up, eyes shifting back and forth as if to question, “”Can I trust these others?”

So the questions I ask you today are this – how do you come to your business events? Do you come with an open attitude or are you on the lookout for trouble?

Sometimes we don’t’ even realize we’re bringing a snarl to the party – so take a moment before going anywhere and determine you are there to engage, have fun, and sniff out some opportunities.

There is something remarkable and inviting about watching a dog show its happiness and excitement in a gathering, straining to meet and greet, interact and engage. You can do this too, by simply deciding that every meeting is going to bring something wonderful.

It’s a great people skill we learned from the dogs – use it!

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Make it a magnificent day!

Blessings, Shawna


~ by Shawna Schuh on February 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “People Skills: Snarls or Smiles?”

  1. I really appreciate how you weave animals into so many of your suggestions for improving our people skills! And in the photo, Stuart with the one “red eye” strikes a large pose for a little guy. And yes, Pray and Play is a phenom I’m glad to be part of. Kobe loves it, too. Thanks for the encouragement as well. Janet

    • Hey Janet,
      Good to hear from you here and play with you and Kobe at Pray and Play! I thought I subscribed to your blog through email… not getting anything – Will go back and see what I’m missing!
      Thanks my friend! Animals are everything!

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