Deep Rooted People Skills: Growing Here!

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There was once a little tree –

One day this little tree looked up and saw how big and powerful the other trees were and he said to himself – why aren’t I like that?

As he thought about it he said to himself – it looks like those other trees are bigger by the river – I know! Those other trees are getting more water than me! I’ll put myself down by the river and watch how I’ll grow –

So the little tree moves down by the river and gets ready to grow –

Time passes and one day the little tree looks up and says, “All the other trees are bigger than me! What can it be?” and he think about it and figures out that the biggest trees get the most sun.

So the little tree moves into the sunniest place in the forest and gets ready to grow.

After a while the little tree sees he is not as big as the other trees, especially those his same age and he thinks to himself – What can it be? I know – it’s the soil by the fallen logs where the biggest trees grow so he moves himself over there – and he waits to grow.

As we know – this little tree never did get any bigger – because he never put down his roots to get what he needed.  He kept moving on to the next good idea instead of making the place he was planted work for him.

The little tree was frustrated, he certainly took action – or at least he thought he did. However he never did get his desire to be big and magnificent because he never allowed where he was to be good enough. How many of us have done this same thing? I know I have.

Today I challenge all of us to look around exactly where we are and think of all the good things about this place, this time, this moment and how we can make this spot magnificent.

When that happens – we become magnificent – because as you know – You create your day by the way you think – and it’s up to you to make it magnificent!

Today – put down your roots – grow where you’re planted – go deep for what you need and you’ll be surprised how fast you shoot up!

Always love to get your comments!

Blessings, Shawna

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~ by Shawna Schuh on February 18, 2011.

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