Effective People Skills: The Spots You Miss

When you were little do you remember when someone would rub your back? It felt so great and your whole focus was on their hands and your skin. We never grow out of loving that I believe.

Did you sometimes think, “They haven’t gotten that spot?” and so your focus went on that spot – and you even mentioned, “Under my shoulder wing – you missed that spot” and the person rubbing you still missed it?

Have you been the rubbing person? And you know you got every inch of the persons back? And still they insist there are spots you missed?

What is the truth?

We only see things from our own perspective – we only feel things we focus on – we think we’ve done a complete job – yet another person feels differently –

If you’ve ever washed the outside of a car you may know what I mean. You feel fantastic, the car shines – you are satisfied and then someone comes out of the house and points out a small spot you missed behind the side mirror –

And there it is – a spot you missed –

Today – can you soften your focus – so that you can see, feel and experience any spots you may be missing? Especially with others and those you serve? Soft focus can be a very effective skill at work when needed.

Can you also be gentle in pointing out other peoples missed spots? Of course you can – will you?

Love to hear your comments on missed spots or what you want to read more of! My goal is to serve you as you create a magnificent life!

Blessings, Shawna

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~ by Shawna Schuh on February 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Effective People Skills: The Spots You Miss”

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  2. LOVE this post, Shawna, and you’ve nailed that missed spot syndrome. Per your suggestion, I’m going to be gentler in recognizing others missed spots.

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