People Skills: Reflect & Review

On the last Friday of the month I conduct a Goal Session. Here’s how it breaks down:

In the last month – how have you done with “Being” – your character work, the things you’re grateful for and rating yourself in personal growth, spiritual growth and your health.

Then we move into how you are “Doing” – with people in your intimate circle and also the community.

Next we focus on your career and “Having” goals. The questions range from career accomplishments to finances and what you’re doing for professional development.

There’s also overall ratings on your main goals personally, relationally and professionally and checking in on exactly how happy you are right now.

It’s powerful work and not only do I learn from doing it each month alongside my clients, I also gain great insights from these committed professionals who are doing the work also.

How are you doing on your reflection and review? Today may be an excellent day to answer the questions above. To take an hour to look at your life this past month and create a better or more focused future – right now.

One of the reasons I offer this session is because as simple as it sounds to sit down and do some reflection and planning, very few actually do it.

This is a scheduled once a month process and that’s the best idea I can share – schedule it, get an accountability partner – maybe do it with your sales team. It’s a powerful process and it works to center you.

Today is a good day to do this – the last Friday of the first month of the year. Why not schedule it now?

Blessings, Shawna

Note: If you’re interested in joining our amazing group and getting serious about attaining your dreams – call me – 503-662-3044 we’ll strategize about you and what you want and how to get there.


~ by Shawna Schuh on January 28, 2011.

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