Are You Ready to Be an Early Riser? (and get more accomplished in 2011?)


It’s the End of the Year – Whoa! – 2010 is almost history – did you Create Your Ultimate Year? Was 2010 a 10? Only you know for sure!  Want a better way to create an amazing 2011?

Hard to Believe And True!

Remember three years ago when I created the crazy idea of creating an accountably group?

The really crazy idea of 5-5-5?

Here’s how it works:

Get up at 5 AM – Monday through Friday (Pacific time)

5 Days a week for a 5:15 group call

The accountability factor? If you miss a call – your Visa is charged 5 bucks! –

5-5-5! We’re alive and living large and you are invited to join us for the fourth year in 2011!

If your stomach is churning – if you’re already thinking how great this would be for you and yet you are so not liking the idea of GETTING UP AT 5 – 5 DAYS A WEEK…

This may be the right time for you to jump in and do it!

This is also for all of you who have said to me on various occasions, “I’m really interested in doing that 5 thing…” and then didn’t do it – what are you waiting for? There is NO COST to be included on this call!

The commitment is what makes these calls work – so if you’re having a challenge with committing to getting up at a set time Monday through Friday – how are other things in your life going? Who is in control of your schedule and your habits?

Bottom Line

You must commit for 3 months – because it takes about that long for you to build that habit muscle – and there is no cost, no agenda – though we have weekly themes, we share great ideas and we support each other and IT WORKS!

If you would like to really make your next year amazing – then commit to getting on schedule, with like-minded individuals that are creating wonderful, full and magnificent lives just like you can!

There is no on-line sign up – you simply call me – we’ll do a short interview, you can ask me all your questions and share any concerns –

Yes – you can go on vacation and miss days as long as you alert me ahead of time –

Here’s my number: 503-662-3044 – I’m around all week so simply pick up the phone and if you want to chat with someone who does the calls I’ll give you some emails to check in with –

Oh – call early if you want – I’m up!

 The number again is: 503-662-3044



~ by Shawna Schuh on December 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Are You Ready to Be an Early Riser? (and get more accomplished in 2011?)”

  1. Blessings to the Schuh Crew for all you do! And especially for you, Shawna, for being such an enduring and credulous Life Coach; my deep gratitude, appreciation, and respect.
    Lorry Ann

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