People Skills: To Be Outvoted with a Smile

Today’s quote is sage advice and comes from Bliss Perry (love that name – Bliss) “To make the most of dull hours, to make the best of dull people, to like a poor jest better than none. To wear a threadbare coat like a gentlemen; to be outvoted with a smile, to hitch your wagon to the old horse if no star is handy – that is wholesome philosophy.”

It means to me that it’s a philosophy of positivity – even in the face of negativity. Great philosophy in my opinion and it reminds me of something I read in an article this month about Anne Hathaway the actress who grew up in musical theater – she said her dad had the philosophy that, “A mediocre theater performance was always superior to even good television.”

This probably explains why she is such a student of her craft and successful. We are formed by our philosophies – our own and our parents

It is also a good reminder – this day after elections in America – that we can be outvoted with a smile. What a good reminder that we control our attitude – and it’s a good people skill to do so regardless of outcomes. 

 You Create Your Day by the way You Think! Be Present!

Go make it a Magnificent Day!


~ by Shawna Schuh on November 3, 2010.

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