People Skills – guests for dinner

Don Blanding wrote an amazing poem in the 1920’s called Vagabond’s House –  in it is this line:

“For I’ll have good friends who can sit and chat –  Or simply sit when it comes to that…”

This was my goal from the first time I read this poem, or more correctly when it was read to me by my mother when I was twelve.

To find something to aspire to is outstanding – to have it come at twelve is great, to have it come to fruition is wonderous and this past weekend we had good friends come to sit and chat and simply sit also – and it’s all good for us. What about you? Do you have a home where people feel comfortable just being? Do you love people in such a way that they know it?

My husband Don loves our guests with an abundance of food. Our dogs love our guests by giving them attention and I spend time in setting a magical table to delight those who pass our doors. Why? Because at twelve I decided I would build and create my own vagabond’s house and I’m happy and delighted to say I have. And more correctly that we  have, my husband, our pets, the house too – because we built it with an extra wide door to again mirror the Don Blanding poem:

“And the door will squeak as I swing it wide – to welcome you to the cheer inside.”

So there you have it – my goal realized – and for you – may you love your guests in such a way they know it – and are better for it.

Blessings, Shawna

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~ by Shawna Schuh on September 27, 2010.

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