People Skills – What's Your Need?

It’s been awhile since I blogged and it’s not because I’ve been away -(Well I have but that’s another story)  it’s more about my attempts to determine what or how to best serve others in my writing.

There are so many posts, and videos, and ideas – how can I be of assistance and help also?

There is no shortage of need around people skills through that topic is broad – so this post is simply to share my questions – to see what I may be able to provide – and also share that even as comments arrive, I’m not completely sure how to use this medium best or address the very questions I’m asking.

If you’ve commented – thank you – if you didn’t recieve a reply – forgive me – and if you care enough to help me it would be wonderful if you would email – shawna@shawnaschuh .

Here are my questions:

Of all the people or social skills – what is most concerning or important to you?

What do you think is the most pressing challenges with people and their interactions in today’s world.

In regards to work – what behaviors are the best and worst?

Those three questions can get us started – I welcome hearing your thoughts and will address these issues in future posts –

Thank you and blessings,



~ by Shawna Schuh on September 24, 2010.

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