People Skills: Compliments – Back at you!

Another way to improve our relationships during the giving and receiving of complements is to refrain from the volley we sometimes do –

You know what I mean –

Someone says something nice and you then return the nicety – whether you mean it or not –

The most common example is:

“You look nice today.” And you reply, “So do you.”

This is a trite way to exchange with someone that gave you a gift. And it seems less than genuine or sincere.

In business it can work against you –

You receive a complement from a client: “Your service is fantastic!” and you reply, “That’s because you’re such a good customer.”

Like your other customers are less good – or the implication is – If you weren’t a good customer you wouldn’t be getting such good service.

Work at simply recognizing the gift and refraining from giving a complement directly back.

Make it about them – and you’ll do better every time.

Your create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on June 30, 2010.

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