Snide or snippy comments from anyone

We’ve all been there – in a group, or with someone we know or even a friend and we say something and they reply – sometimes under their breath with a snide comment –

Like, “Sure you will.” Or “Are you really going to wear that?” or other things we take offense to.

My best example is someone who used to work for me – noted my unpainted nails and said, “Are you presenting like that?”

Many times our first reaction is anger or irritation – and it might be easiest to simply say, “Mind your own business!” or “You’re a cactus.” Or some other put down description – however then you feel worse and they hit a mark – or as I am working on – believing they are oblivious to the damage they do with these unneeded comments.

So what do you do?

“Thank you for caring about me.” This will take them back. They didn’t care a lot or they would have refrained from saying anything – so what can they say to that?

Also – ask a simple question – remember to keep your face and tone even – “The reason you made that comment is? Or “What are you wanting me to think or feel with that comment?” Of course depending on who it is, you may want to be gentler and say simple, “That’s an interesting comment.”

These help you remain calm, put the comment back on that one who made it and move forward.

The Challenge for you today – take all comments both good and bad with a positive light and you’ll do better in life.

Your Create your Day by the way you think – Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on June 22, 2010.

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