People Skills: Fighting rude with rude is ridiculous

When someone is rude out in the world – i.e. at the store –

Like cutting into line, saying a snide comment – or you witness someone being rude to a wait staff or clerk. What to do?

Do you say something?

Do you let it pass?

Like most things in life – it depends….

The thing I’ve found that works most often to the best result is this:

Silently pray for them or wish them peace – the simple fact of you going to love instead of judgment helps you immediately.

Then if you have the opportunity fix what happened with kind words – to the clerk or wait staff, to someone in line or even the next person you see – this will counter act the rude with wonderful and ease tension.

Lastly you can always defray an uncomfortable moment by inserting a bit of humor – kindly said when a comment is made that is comical it has a tendency to act as a release valve – something as simple as a poke at the weather – or general human conditions –

i.e. “Look, no rain cloud over me.” Or “Perfectionism is such a burden” makes people stop and usually smile.

Your Create your Day by the way you think – Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on June 21, 2010.

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