Professional Style

We are moving along in our month of Personal Packaging – this week is professional style.

It feels to me like I’ve never heard those two words put together before: Professional style – usually it’s Personal Style – and many people are stylish in their appearance, things, home, the way they entertain etc.

However I want to focus this week on Professional Style – how you are at your work or profession – and so let’s break it down – what does style mean, or how do we use it?

The Thesaurus gave me this under style: Method, approach, way, manner, fashion, technique, mode. – Think about that for a moment – a method, or approach – a way or manner – so it’s not simply a inherent “something” some people have – style is something that has been thought out, determined –

A style of writing perhaps, a style of written address – a font style – the style in which a person conducts business – all of this seems old fashioned and yet –

Steve Jobs mentioned that it was his class at Reed college on calligraphy that gave Apple computers they style they have. This week think about your professional style – the method and approach you have in your business. The manner in which you work and determine if it is a true reflection of what you are and want to be.

Your Create Your Day by the Way you Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on May 17, 2010.

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