Communication with Courtesy

This is a great topic to end our week and month on –

One of the greatest issues facing our society is the lack of courtesy displayed in various places – cell phone use in public places, anger and rude comments shared anywhere, bullying and annoyance showed and expressed over minor situations. Road rage, travel or security rage (suppressed to get on the plane and expressed with other behaviors).

Kind words, smiles and attention can move almost any situation from sticky or icky to wonderful and good.

Each of you that follow me and are part of this tribe do the little wonderful things – and big things too – the challenge is for you to do more of them today!

Speaking of little things:
Here is a story from Random Acts of Kindness:
The contractions came on quickly. I got to the hospital without incident, only to find that my doctor was not around. This was my third child and the labor was rapid and intense. For three hours the contractions built and still my obstetrician had not shown up. It was pretty obvious that this child wasn’t going to wait. One of the interns, I never saw her, stood behind me and began stroking my cheek. Such a simple act.

That was thirty-one years ago and the memory has stayed with me ever since. There in the midst of the daily business of a hospital, some wonderful person reached out to a scared woman in pain, stroked her cheek, and gave a gift of human comfort that has lasted for so many years.

Friday Funny:
Little Johnny spent ages studying the greeting cards in a stationer’s shop. Eventually the assistant went over to him and said: “What kind of card are you looking for? A birthday greeting, a get well message, a congratulations card, a good luck wish, an anniversary card?”
Little Johnny shook his head and said: “Got anything like a blank report card?”

You make a difference!

You Create Your Day by the way you think! Make it Magnificent


~ by Shawna Schuh on April 30, 2010.

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