Word watch and slang

Yesterday in working with one of my culture clients – the executive got heated and said something along the lines of, “I’m not doing that any more, I’m not letting that happen again.” And so on…

Of course he was in the moment and so it became my task and blessing to ask him what he did want. Today I remind you – when you speak about things speak about your intention and desires – because your speech is an indication of your thoughts and speaking about what you do want – because you attract more with the positive – than the negative.

Now some new for you –

When I arrived at the Minneapolis airport my client, a fabulous man, sent me a text message that read, “Yin Yet?” and I laughed out loud (lol). I loved it! It tickled my brain and funny bone. Sometimes though someone has said something, or abbreviated something and I’m out of the loop, feel silly for not knowing and even sillier when I ask, depending on how they reply.

We’re living in the most interesting times for communication. We abbreviate lots of things – we use shorted words and phrases to save time – it’s creative and a lot of it I find fascinating and fun.

I’m a huge proponent of making it fun and easier – how often do I use and say “Fab!” a lot!

Here’s the rub. As we move into an ever more casual society and words are altered and adjusted and tweaked. Pay attention to who you are speaking to and what feedback they are giving you.

My mother-in-law is 89 and when we say what we believe is ambiguous, like “I got a tweet, or spammed” or “What Apps do you use?” She is confused and out of the loop. So to honor her we refrain from talking about things that do not relate to her world.

This is good communication because true communication is two way – and so being aware of whom you’re talking to, what is important to them, or explaining things you say when you see that blank look on their face, are all good actions.

Challenge for you to day – catch your use of slang words – do they serve you? Have fun with them and know too – that you control your vocabulary and word use.

You Create Your Day by the way you think! Make it Magnificent


~ by Shawna Schuh on April 29, 2010.

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