What does Active Listening really mean?

The thesaurus: (note a fun story I read in Readers Digest lately – about a woman looking all through the dinosaur area for a certain book finally asked the sales associate to help her and – and when he asked what the name of the book was – she said, The Thesaurus!) sounds like a dinosaur to me!  Talk about confused communication with self!

Anyways… The thesaurus gives us these words around the word Actively: vigorously, aggressively, energetically, enthusiastically, dynamically and keenly.
Is that fab?

Think of those words in relation to how you interact with others – are you keenly aware of the state their in? Do you enthusiastically engage? Are you aware of the dynamics of the situation and can you aggressively and vigorously listen without saying anything?

When we become word watchers – and look at all we have to choose from… life is pretty wonderful – or superb, breathtaking, amazing, astonishing, fantastic, brilliant, great and of course magnificent!

You Create Your Day by the way you think! Make it Magnificent


~ by Shawna Schuh on April 15, 2010.

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