Revew into New

This month we spent a week on systems – these are what I’ve come to learn to be the key to success – in my life and business –
Things to remember and consider putting in place:
Set up personal – life, morning and evening systems to take care of you

Have a system in place to connect with people you care about most – both in your intimate circle and your social and professional circles.

Create and use a system for your body and health – especially the stretching part – like a dog or cat that stretches each time they get up –

Of course a financial system – with giving, saving and investing as a good base.

We also covered a spiritual element – and shared ways in which we pray and connect to the Divine – to open our minds to the deepest element in life.

A statement from my friend: In Greece (I think) a woman’s age begins again when she gets married – so she is the same age as her marriage! Think about that lady! (And what a selling tool for men to use!)

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!

Now we’re into April!
No April Fools for those who create their own life.
However let’s begin with some foolish jokes:

In theory, housetraining your puppy may seem like a sensible idea, but it doesn’t look good on paper. 

Did you hear about the dog that ate nothing but onions? – His bark was much worse than his bite.

The fourth week of this month on Energy & Life Management – we tracked it – or spoke of how tracking things is the key to improving things –

There is a quote somewhere, said by someone that, “What gets tracked, gets better.” And it’s true –
Tracking what is important to you – health and how you feel, house maintenance, what you eat and number of times you exercise.

Business tracking – vital for creating the career you desire – from number of prospects contacted to client touches.

Also – the books you read or places you explore – this keeps us aware of all we are really doing and not get caught in the comparison problem when something comes into our awareness we’d like to do and feel we aren’t or can’t. – When you track your activities and time you have more of it. You also become more satisfied with how you are living or can go about altering it to reflect more of your desire.

Why don’t dogs make good dancers? – Because they’ve got two left feet. 

This is the last day of the week – and the second day of this new month –
It’s also the beginning of a new quarter of this year – amazing really.

As we embark – have embarked on this new month – what elements of energy and life management will we take with us? What have you incorporated that you are using and will continue to?

A challenge many people have is that we want to move into the new, we get bored or never really make a habit of the good before we rush towards some other idea – and the goal and beauty of Create Your Ultimate Year – is that it’s a continual and consistent process – to learn and relearn and remember those things that work.

Refresh is good, review and reflect is vital, and then – doing – each moment what is best for you because you know it, live it, experience it and create it.

Friday Funny:
New Crossbreeds of dogs:
• Collie and Lhaso Apso: Callapso, a dog that folds up for easy transport.
• Deerhound and Terrier: Derriere, a dog that’s true to the end.
• Pointer and Setter: Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet.
• Labrador retriever and Curly Coated Retriever: Lab Coat Retriever, the choice of research scientists.
• Terrier and Bulldog: Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes.
• Collie and Malamute: Commute, a dog that travels to work.
• Newfoundland and Basset Hound: Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisers.
• Bloodhound and Labrador: Blabrador, a dog that barks incessantly.
• Pekingese and Lhaso Apso: Peekasso, an abstract dog.
• Malamute and Pointer: Moot Point, owned by – well, it doesn’t matter anyway.

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on April 2, 2010.

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