Traicking the Maintenance

To end this week and really this month – which is the end of the first quarter…
It’s good to remind you that life tracking is smart in general – some things more than others. However maintenance tracking gives you an easier life.
The things to track may be:
Health maintenance – from yearly checkups on body, teeth and eyes, to mammograms and other health screenings – you can put this in your calendar and then you’ll know and feel at ease. Plus you’ll be able to see how your vitamins are working if you improve your health scores from year to year.
Note: I began getting blood screenings once a year and when I get a new one I add it to a file I keep, then I can see how I’m progressing –

Vehicle maintenance – oil changes and tires – to all the weather related items – tracking it, scheduling it – it makes sense and gives a person ease.

Home maintenance – changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, cleaning filters etc – we have a Porta Potty down at the barn and they track when it’s cleaned and by whom – smart in case there is a complaint – we can save money on repairs when we track maintenance.

Your life – belongs to you – and tracking things that matter to the big picture help to ease the stress and strain of living – think of tracking things as a little oil for the engine of your life – and with easy application – you can run smoother, better and for a longer time.

Here’s your Friday Funny:
Because yesterday we celebrated our anniversary – a funny about marriage seems right…

A husband and wife were chatting with friends when the subject of marriage counseling was raised. The husband said: “Oh, we’ll never need that. My wife and I have a great relationship. She has a communications degree and I have a degree in theatre arts. She communicates really well and I just act like I’m listening.”

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on March 26, 2010.

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