Systemize fitness too

In the last two days we’ve shared about evening systems, morning systems – now this is a fun one – Having a fitness system!
Yesterday I mentioned doing a stretch for your body even before you get out of bed – so guess what every system I’ve heard about has? Stretching or warm up as step one –

In dance it’s vital – in all sports it’s vital – for you and your body – doing a stretch or warm up, though not as exciting as the run, the game, the event – is even more important to your good health.
Since I’m not an expert in fitness – and there is more on the web on this topic than many other things I won’t give you want to do – only the call to put this part of your life into a system –

With these elements:
Stretching – many adults don’t do this and it shows and they have injuries that could have been prevented.

Strength – we need strong muscles at every age in our life – however we forget to lift, push, pull and do what normal bodies in past ages had to do to survive – put in some things in your system to get your stronger.

Cardio – this is about your breath – it’s funny how few people breathe deeply – when I coach with professionals we begin with deep breaths and it’s apparent that until that moment most people were breathing in a shallow manner and that we don’t use our lung capacity to the fullest – doing things that get the heart pumping and the breath moving is good for all of us.

Mental – your brain is a muscle and deserves a fitness system of its own and it’s easiest of all of these since you can do it instantly anywhere and do not need special shoes or clothing. What is your system to exercise your brain and mental muscle? If you lack this system what a great thing that you are reading this today!

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on March 17, 2010.

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