Morning system

This week we’re discussing systems – everything is a system or a process – an order or way we do things – and the question each of us must ask is: “Are my systems, processes, routines supporting my desires and my goals?”

Yesterday we spoke about evening systems – I think that’s the place to start because it affects how you sleep, how you wake up, the mood and attitude you bring into your day. Then, once you open your eyes, or awake in the morning (whenever that is – early or later) how you set up your day may determine your life.

So what’s your morning system?
If you’re saying to yourself right now… I just move as fast as I can to get moving and out the door – here’s a few things to consider:

Set it up so that you have a: First thing you think – make is something good like, “Thank you for this day!” or “This is going to be a great day!” or “Hello world!”

Then: Determine the first thing you do: Stretch is good – right there in bed – dogs and cats do it the moment they get up – stretching in bed feels fab – or immediately upon arising – it gets your body going –
Or pray – or meditate – or go over your day in your mind –

Hydrate: Water is great to get things moving, give your body fluid – you’ve had nothing for 6 plus hours or more – Give yourself some H2O – it’s a great beginning!

Next – join us for the morning call! It’s an excellent way to be accountable – and keep focused and really wake you up so you can go exercise or get ready or focus – Call me if you want to learn more about it! 503-662-3044

Of course after that everyone is different – exercise, get the kids up, do some writing or work – however when you have a few things you do – a system for awaking – you will find your day goes better – because you created the way – you designed it –

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on March 16, 2010.

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