Delegate today!

Letting go of things can be a challenge for some people – a lot of people, some more than others – we like things we do – even if they waste our time, or we know we do them better than someone else could – have you asked your hubby to wipe down a countertop? There seems to be a vast different in what my hubby and I deem proper cleaning standards for a wipe down…
So we do it ourselves which is a quick way to get crazy –

These habits that do not support our priorities and we keep control over are indeed crazy-making.
Most of the mundane things in work and life can be delegated or deleted or – and here’s a big gasp – not done at all…

If you’ve ever read some of the wisdom from elders – most say that they wish they had spent less time and energy on the unimportant things – like worry, dusting and mindless pursuits – and more time doing what they actually loved and being with those they loved.

I take riding lessons with a wonderful woman in her 60s and she is happy, engaged, young at heart and told me, I didn’t garden or cook or clean that well – I spent my life riding and training horses and it has made my life glorious – it still does. Wow!

Can you find someone to do those tasks that are simply tasks?
Shopping for food, mowing the lawn, washing your car, cleaning your house etc.?

Making a list of your priorities will give you a clear picture of where you will want to spend your life and energy – the mundane is not what you will remember – and not what makes a magnificent life. Ride the horses – or whatever makes your heart sing.

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on March 11, 2010.

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