Priority week

Good first day of this second week of March – we are continuing our quest for Life and Energy Management – and this week the focus is on: Prioritizing and delegating – two distinctly different elements and yet – vital to your success –

Let’s talk about prioritizing first:
How do we know what to do first, what will bring us the most effectively result? How do we juggle all that we have to do?

Of course, those of you who follow me can guess what I’m going to say –
It depends on what is most important to you – so before you can prioritize you must analyze – so that it becomes easy for you!

Example: My top priority in life is to get to heaven – I know that good deeds are not what gets a person in those pearly gates – I also know it’s as simple as accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior – that’s what I believe as a Christian. However, to me (and this is totally my thinking) it also means I must conduct myself in a Christ like manner – So that means I have things that will not fit into my life because of my faith and belief –
Note: the more I seek living an ultimate life the more I want to take out or stop doing certain things – the value of maturity!

Let’s put this concept through the priority filter – Since my long range goal is heaven and Jesus is the only path – spending time in prayer and spiritual reading is a high priority – not a To Do item, not a good idea – it’s a priority.

If you are committed and have a goal to be a great parent – then some quality time with the kiddo is no doubt a priority –

What I suggest you become aware of is: How often you spend energy and life on things that are not your goals or dreams or priorities –
Those things are the ones we will be delegating or deleting!

Today – the challenge I set before you is this – do you know your priorities? Are they written down? Do this now and you’ll be a giant leap forward in setting up your life to do what is truly most important to you!

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Make it Magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on March 8, 2010.

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