Daily focus for long term results

For Habits & Systems we’ve discussed how important setting up your next day is. Knowing what is also a priority for your next day is an added habit – besides the regular stuff we do each day, get kids off to school, drive to work etc. – what thinking or actions will further your goals?

Here are a few to think about incorporating into your day:
1. Saving a dollar – or $5 or $10 – if you have a purchase or vacation goal – can you put a dollar in a jar – you’ll have 365 dollars in a year’s time – a nice getaway weekend or something new for you to wear or your home.
2. Reading a page a day or 10 minutes a day – especially on something you want to learn or master –
3. Filling 1 to 10 papers a day – think how organized you’ll be!
4. Calling one new prospect- or calling to check in on a current client – if you did that each day how many people would you touch a year? How would that impact your business?

These habits make a big difference in how you think and what you accomplish – many times we think we need to make big sweeping changes in our habits when we can accomplish so much with a bit of night time planning and prioritizing!

You create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on February 4, 2010.

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