Accountbility – choices

Yesterday we spoke about integrity and how it walks hand in hand with accountability – and so I reinforce this notion – if each person was aware and clear about what they promised, would understand that each choice they make holds inherent responsibilities and that it begins with the root of who you/we are – then the accountability question would be dusty from lack of use.

However – being human – gloriously imperfect and fallible – we bite off more than we can chew, take more than we need and agree to things because the idea of it is interesting or intriguing before we fully comprehend that we are responsible for this choice.

Take a pet for instance – many small animals – bunnies and chicks etc. are adopted in the spring because they are so cute – they impact our heart – we want this little being in our lives –

And even when that voice of reason – from our parents to begin with, maybe a spouse or our inner self saying, “Do you really want to care for this creature the rest of its life? – Do you think you will clean its cage, play with it and be so enthralled in a year – a month even? Do you know how this pet will smell and behave as it grows older and do you want to deal with that?”

So today – think about what you are agreeing to do from a long view perspective (taking care of something the rest of its life… how old will you be then? Note: I was reading an article about a woman whose daughter wants a pug dog, the woman writing the article doesn’t like them. As she did research on the dog she noted the life span, of 8-10 years I think, and this author noted that if they got this dog for her daughter, before the end of its life the daughter would be going to college and then the dog (she dislikes) would be hers as it was old and needed additional care. Great way to think and this is opposite from the way most of us live.

You create your day by the way you think – think long term sometimes and make it magnificent!


~ by Shawna Schuh on January 26, 2010.

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