Wednesday's message on Priorities

Hump day and happy day! Every day is a happy day if you decide that – and since priorities is the theme for this week – can being happy be a priority? Absolutely and it can be your personal goal – or your yearly goal too. What would it look, feel, smell and sound like to be happy? So many people do not know – happiness is fleeting for them, or they are taken unawares by it, or they are in it and don’t realize it so they miss being able to revel in it.

Step 3 on priorities:
Carry your top 3 priorities on a card with you – This is not a new concept however it’s a powerful one – the story is told of the Olympic athletes who all missed winning gold and so signed up for a seminar with a gold medal winner to gain the edge. The Gold medal winner first thing asked the room, “Who in here has goals?” Of course every hand went up. They wanted to be a gold medal winner or they wouldn’t be there. The next question they were asked, “How many of you have them written down in ink?” half the hands went up.
The third question was most powerful, “How many of you have your written goals with you?” no one raised their hand. “That is why you fail” the gold medalist said.

Step 3 is to carry your written goals with you – in your pocket or purse.
They could look like this:
Personally I (work out 3 times a week, or mediate daily etc.)
I will say a loving thing to (your person) daily
I make 2 sales calls a day to generate new business

You have the power to do whatever you desire and prioritize!


~ by Shawna Schuh on January 14, 2010.

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