3 Steps to Priorities

So far in this week on prioritizing we’ve gone over the first three steps:

1. Know your greatest desires – and it matters not how many you have, some authors, like Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson suggest having 101 goals written (The Aladdin Factor) However prioritizing these desires and goals down to 3 main ones for now (until you attain them) in Personal, Relational & Professional –

2. Write them down – in a focused way – being in the present! Example: “I am so happy now that perfect health is mine.” “I am so happy and excited now that I have loving relations with my spouse.” & “New clients come to me easily and effortlessly”

3. Carry them with you – so my question to you now is: Where are you carrying your goals? The actual location. i.e. in your pocket, your wallet, your purse?

Now what are the extra things you can do to jell your goals in your mind? – Can you place them on your mirror to look at morning and night? What about somewhere in your work space? How about at eye level on the door so you see them each time you leave the room, house or office?
The more “triggers” you put up and more engaged your mind and heart.


~ by Shawna Schuh on January 14, 2010.

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