You are the Captain!

Desires: that’s the theme for this first week of 2010 –

Recently I have been studying the subconscious mind – listening to a great audio program from Joseph Murphy – the subconscious mind is something that I believe, know is powerful and yet, I don’t feel I have a complete handle on it – like many things in my life – I know something, I believe something and don’t quite have a handle on it! – Anyway in this audio program Joseph shared an analysis about how to think: That you are a vessel, a ship – and that your subconscious mind is like the boiler men, shipmen, stokers, rowers – slaves, oarsmen (whatever vision you conger) –they take the orders and do the work.

This is brilliant – at least for me – knowing I’m the captain and I can be a benevolent captain – and for me more like a space ship – like Captain Kurt who the crew wanted to serve and follow – my subconscious crew will do whatever I ask – even when what I ask for is wrong – what a way to think!

How this might help us: With this new knowledge – be aware of the orders you are giving your internal crew – give good orders – ones that support your vessel and take you where you want to go – and now we’re back to desires! Where do you want to go? It’s worth some thinking time:

Here’s a quote I like that is actually a Chinese Proverb: “Better to return and make a net, than to go down to the stream and merely wish for fish.” Many of us are wishing for things when it’s time to make a net – and you don’t or won’t unless you know what you want to catch and what to tell your subconscious crew – put in the time to determine your desires – it’s your journey after all.

You create Your day by the way you think! Make it Magnificent!

~ by Shawna Schuh on January 7, 2010.

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