It's only the beginning

This final quote of the week is from Ivy Baker Priest who said something wonderful for us to contemplate this last day of this week, she said, “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end, may also be only the beginning.”

What a wonderful thought!

55 word story:
By Hope A. Torres called: In the Garden

Standing there in the garden, she saw him running toward her.
“Tina! My flower! The love of my life!”
He’d said it at last.
“Oh, Tom!”
“Tina, my flower!”
“Oh Tom! I love you, too!”
Tom reached her, knelt down, and quickly pushed her aside.
“My flower! You were standing on my prize-winning rose!”

Joke of the week:
Several elderly nuns were in a second floor convent when fire broke out. Thinking quickly, they took their habits off, tied them together to make a rope and climbed out of the window. After they made it safely to the ground, a news reporter quizzed one of the nuns about her ordeal. “Weren’t you afraid,” he asked, “that the habits could have ripped or fallen apart since they are so worn?” “No, no,” replied the nun. “Old habits are hard to break.”

You Create Your Day by the way You Think! Be Present!
Go make it a Magnificent Day!

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