Expand Your Mind

This weeks theme is The Mind, a gift we all have, each person, every one – and the quotes about the mind were mind-boggling! This is a fascinating topic to me since I was not raised to use my mind in the best ways.  I only remember my dad saying, “Use your head Shawna!” usually when I had done something stupid, however there was never really a call to think and so I seek it now. I realize that how I use my mind – how I think is everything – so it’s a great focus for a new month.

Today’s quote comes from George Matthew Adams who said, “One reason why men and women lose their heads so often is that they use them so little! It is the same with everything. If we have anything that is valuable, it must be put to some sort of use. If a man’s muscles are neglected, he soon has none, or rather none worth mentioning. The more the mind is used the more flexible it becomes, and the more it takes upon itself new interests.”

So my call to us this week is to use this valuable gift we are all given and to expand our mind!

You create your day by the way you think! Be Present!
Go make it a magnificent day!

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~ by Shawna Schuh on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “Expand Your Mind”

  1. My new job requires that I befriend certain types of people that I’ve never had to befriend before. My mind is open & willing,but I don’t know of anything that I may have in common with these people to even break the ice,let alone make a friend of them.

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