Music to the world…

Henry Ward Beecher gave us today’s quote: “Of all earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart.”

This touched me – of all earthly music – wow – the sounds of a loving heart – how are they manifested in us – with joyful tones, with laughter or kind words – are we speaking/playing/providing loving music to the world?

Something about children and love for you today – so many lessons come from little ones and this story about Howard Maxwell of Los Angeles is classic – Howard was an innovator – So when his four-year-old daughter Melinda acquired a fixation for “The Three Little Pigs” and demanded that he read it to her night after night, Maxwell, very pleased with himself, tape-recorded the story. When Melinda next asked for it, he simply switched on the recorder. This worked for a couple of nights, but then one evening Melinda pushed the storybook at her father.

“Now, honey,” he said, “you know how to turn on the recorder.”

“Yes,” said Melinda, “but I can’t sit on its lap.”

This is a great lesson for all of us – it’s not about the story – it’s about the touch, the doing, the being together – so today when someone wants something from you – especially a child or a spouse – ask yourself this: “Is it about the story really?” because if you think about it – it’s more likely about the love.

You create your day by the way you think! Be Present!
Go make it a magnificent day!

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~ by Shawna Schuh on October 28, 2009.

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