Weigh In: Interrupting

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Weigh in on: Interrupting

One of my friends is the most wonderful, bubbly, happy vivacious person you might be fortunate to meet. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we get together every week which is a highlight for me.

When she is jazzed (usually) and brimming with news (always) she has the habit of jumping in on conversations, interrupting to agree or add comments. She has a pretty advanced case of Interrupt-itis!

Most of us know someone – maybe not as happy or enthusiastic, that continues to interrupt us, interrupts others and stomps on conversations unaware. Many times this is an irritating habit. Some of us may even have a mild or severe case of Interrupt-itits ourselves!

So here’s this week’s question:
How do YOU handle someone who continually interrupts?

Post your response in the black comment box below my signature.

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~ by Shawna Schuh on October 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Weigh In: Interrupting”

  1. Post your responses here to the question:
    How do YOU handle someone who continually interrupts?

  2. Hi Shawna,

    I am one of these people wh “interupt-itis”. When i am excited I can hardly contain my comments. The same goes for wheni am upset. When I am in the middle I do a pretty good job of pausing before speaking. One comment that a supervisor politly delivered in private one day made me think, and improved this for me. She said ” active listening is not simply waiting for your turn to talk” after some more discussion I realized it was not that she did not want my participation. Instead she simply wanted me to pause and listen to see if my comments were even on mark for the conversation. She also occasionally would say when I arrived to a conversation…”if you are truly listening you will hear….” this helped me to train my thoughts to be put on “pause” until I could guage the conversation. I am appreciative of this because years later I still rember he lesson and ability to coach me without anyone lese knowing unless they too had been given the “interupt-itis” speach.

  3. I’m usually that person who is so energetic that I am interrupting. I’m changing the habit – – I take a deep breath and tell myself that there will be time for me to speak when the other person is finished. If I need to remember the idea – I jot it down. When the shoe is on the other foot – I say “I really want to hear what you have to share and would like to finish what I am saying so that I can devote my attention to your experience and not feel cut off.” Handling this subject is a work in progress for me.

  4. I look the person in the eyes and stop talking….usually it takes them a second or two to realize what they just did and then they stop, look down and usually…say “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

  5. My sister has the worst case of interrup-tis. In my last conversation with her, I simply stated, “please stop interrupting and let me finish my thought.” I actually had to say that several times in that one conversation, and by the end, I felt she got the message and appeared to be listening.

    This is a habit that definitely takes time to perfect. Those of us who are enthusiastic tend to chime in with words of agreement as the other person is talking. Is this “interrup-tis”? Or should we wait until all commentary is finished? I’ve had people say, “are you there?” if no comment is made during their side of the conversation. I’ll be anxious to hear your advice.

  6. Since I think I am one of those enthusiastic people who interup at times this was a great email for me to think about this! When people do interup me I usually smile and listen and wait for my opportunity to speak again. When I interup my sister she just raises her voice a bit and continues to talk right over me! This makes me more aware of the fact that I amnot letter her finish what she has to say before I speak. I think it all comes down to being conscious of each other’s space and words. I will be intersted to see how others respond to this.

  7. This is one that I have had to learn over time as it is one that I violate if I am not paying attention to the person speaking. It is easy to want to change the subject to a topic you are interested instead of the one that is being discussed. The other is if you are discussing a subject for which you have deep convictions or opinions. That is probably why we should always avoid certain subjects as they can tend to set anyones lips going before they think about what they are doing. Politics and Religion tend to come to mind.

    Listening is a learned skill and one I personally have to remind myself if what I have to say is more important than what the person that just interrupted or the person I am interrupting has to say.

    I am learning to make sure that the person has time to talk first and then I am less likely to be interupted.

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