Weigh in on Negativity

There are people in every organization that could be called a swarm of gnats. People with tiny bits of negatives that hang around, swarming together to make themselves more noticeable, no reasonable purpose as far as others can tell – and when you run smack dab into them it’s not pretty.

Weigh In: How do you deal with the negative
gnats in your organization?

Post your response below in the comments section.

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~ by Shawna Schuh on October 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Weigh in on Negativity”

  1. Weigh In: How do you deal with the negative gnats in your organization?

    Post your responses below.

    • Good afternoon, Shawna!!! This is a good subject. When I encounter federal gnats, I weigh what they have to say and then either consider it more deeply and prayerfully or flush it! Believe me–there are those that I will always listen to because of their learned experiences; in that sense, they are not necessarily negative gnats. But there are others that I automatically flush whatever dribble they are pedalling! Garbage in-garbage out!!! Take care and God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My method is neither nice or pretty but effective.
    If you had seen the bugs you would have avoided them.
    “Identification and isolation”.
    Your organization’s goals and vision should not be
    held hostage to a group of negative individuals that
    conspire to hinder your progress. Once they are identified
    as stumbling blocks, do not acknowledge them in the overall
    success of the organization. In most cases they will change
    and come on board with the next big project because people
    like to be apart of things larger than themselves.
    I told you it was not nice or pretty but it will work.
    Just have the guts to try.

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