Learn, Relearn, Repeat

Someone insulted me last night. The details are unimportant however I’ve carried the insult for about 12 hours now, over night and into this page. Now it’s time to see it as the gift it is and share it with you for the benefit of both of us.

I learned and relearned more than once that when something is said or offered we can choose to accept it or let it pass. In this case I didn’t accept it, and I also didn’t let it pass – the challenge of being human!

An excellent way to deal with this challenge is also something I learned from someone else. Isn’t life wonderful that there are lessons everywhere to learn, relearn and repeat?

Here’s the gem: With comments or opinions, simply ask yourself, “Is this truth or ego?”

This has been revolutionary for me. It can be that for you too if you use it.

Let’s take this further – like last night’s insult incident…
When you receive an insult, or when someone makes a comment that burns your skin, pierces your heart, startles your mind –  the question to ask yourself (after the shock) is this: Is what was said true?

Then answer the question.

This is vital -many times we do not stop to ask “Is what was said true?” – What we do instead is jump into defending, to arguing, to being hurtful because we have been hurt. Or we don’t say anything, like me last night, we just absorb it and let it fester…

Though this behavior is natural and usually the first thing we think or do – it values us not and perpetrates the bad feelings, ruins relationships and makes us miserable.

When we stop ourselves from reacting and ask the truth or ego question, we can come to peace, ease our discomfort and move forward.

Last night the insult was untrue – the person was uninformed, it was about the insulter, their opinion about something that had nothing to do with me. The comment was not true so any hurt came from my ego.

Knowing this helps me sort it out, release it and realize that words can only hurt me if I accept them.

If it was true – and sometimes things people say, even if said to hurt, are true. The lesson is to use those words to improve.  Not always easy either however doable if we want to.

A wonderful thing about life is that it keeps giving me things to learn, relearn and repeat – I’m in the dishwasher of life cycle! Now is that true or is it ego?

You create your day by the way you think! Be Present!
Go make it a magnificent day!

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~ by Shawna Schuh on August 21, 2009.

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