The Food of Your Soul

Our last quote this week is from Priscilla Wayne – who said something short and true, “As bread is the staff of life, the simple sustenance of the body, so appreciation is the food of the soul.” Who can we be grateful for today and when can we tell them?

Friday story
One rainy day a woman overheard someone say, “What miserable weather!” She looked our her office window to see a big fat robin using a nearby puddle of water for a bathtub. He was splashing and fluttering, thoroughly enjoying himself. She couldn’t help but think, Miserable for whom? It’s all a matter of perspective.

That’s the lesson that Lincoln Steffens learned as a young boy. He was watching an artist paint a picture of a muddy river. He told the artist he didn’t like the picture because there was so much mud in it. The artist admitted there was mud in the picture, but what he saw was the beautiful colors and contrasts of the light against the dark.

Steffens later preached in a sermon, “Mud or beauty – which do we look for as we journey through life? If we look for mud and ugliness, we find them – they are there. Just as the artist found beauty in the muddy river, because that is what he was looking for, we will find, in the stream of life, those things which we desire to see. To look for the best and see the beautiful is the way to get the best out of life each day.”

And I would add – to be grateful for it all!

You create your day by the way you think!
Go make it a magnificent day!

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