People Skills: Stay Motivated!

In trying to help determine why it is we become stressed, lose motivation, and lack effort, I once asked a woman, “What is chaotic in your life”?  She answered, “There is nothing in my life that causes chaos!” Then she paused for a moment and added, “Until you add people to the mix.” I laughed because she had hit the nail on the head!

The only time many of us lose our motivation is when we must deal with other people.  If we didn’t have to worry about other people, there would be no stopping us, no frustration, but also no joy! The good (and bad) news is there’s no shortage of people to deal with!

Getting or not getting along with people is one of the biggest de-motivators I can think of. When someone tells us “no” it can be enough to stop all the juices flowing and kill our motivation in a moment. Without someone to care for, or share with, we lose motivation. People are vital to our success and also a major cause of our challenges. To get past (or use to our advantage) this simple fact is how we stay motivated and engaged in life.

Following are some thoughts on this tenuous topic of motivation and how if we choose to use our noggin for something other than a place to hang a hat, we’ll be able to think past our present circumstances, we can have anything we desire!

Determine what excites you.
The dictionary defines motivation as “that which motivates; inducement; incentive.” In other words, if you don’t have a reason or an incentive, motivation is not present.  If you think about what really excites you, it will help you stay motivated. This isn’t easy to do. We are bombarded in this world with images that instill discontent in us. From the ads on television and in magazines to our peers and professional colleagues, there always seems to be something we don’t have.

The outside world can’t give us what we need. Only when asking yourself what excites you internally will you be able to develop the kind of motivation that will sustain you over time.

Second thought: Don’t pass this paragraph by and think that you know this. Knowing and doing are two entirely different things. Stop for just a minute and ask yourself right now, “What really makes me tick?” I would venture to say it has something to do with people. Watching your kids play a game, helping a customer find exactly what they need, showing a co-worker something new and watching them get it, really get it. These things quicken the spirit and bring satisfaction that can’t be described. If we put it down to the simplest form, it would be this. Most people get excited by what they can contribute that will impact and benefit others. Think about it, doesn’t that excite you?

Determine your goals and the reasons behind them.
Sometimes we set a sales goal or even a weight loss goal without really understanding why. If you want to increase your sales over last year to send your kids to school, or lose ten pounds because you have a reunion coming up, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain motivation. Note that both of these goals involve people. The goal to send your kids to school is something that can truly motivate. The goal to impress your high school classmates twenty years later can be equally motivating, but will be hollow at the end since as we mature we realize that what we think about ourselves is far more pivotal for success than what others think of us.

If we really analyzed our goals, I think we’d all find that the goals that are directly linked to making life better for others (and hence us) are the ones we accomplish. Many times we set unrealistic goals or lose track of their importance. Our motivation then suffers since we need something to get excited about.

Reminders always work.
It doesn’t take but one glance at a school photo before some parents are instantly reminded why they put in a little extra work. Sometimes it’s the financial rewards. Nothing feels better than a glance at a hefty balance in the checkbook to remind you how much fun it is to do well. I know when I have extra money I can do more gift giving, spend more time with people I love, and learn new things. What great reasons to increase that bank balance.

Leaving reminders in places where you can see them works to keep you motivated because they bring the feelings of excitement and reasons to the front of your mind. Print out a word that triggers excitement for you, place a number above the computer screen to glance at throughout the day or tape a picture to the phone so you never lose sight of why you’re living the way you are. Also, enlist another person to share the success of your goals with. By having other people involved the success is sweeter and the down times can be ways to connect even deeper. Goals can be hollow if the only person who cares if you attain them is you.  When you share your life in these ways, it will be richer and more fulfilling.  Plus, you will stay motivated.

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