People Skills: Dog Gone Good Service!

The dog came out to meet the Jeep as I drove up to the house. He was whipped into a frenzy to see me, and even though I’d had a long day I had to smile. Tail wagging, teeth showing and so much happiness around the eyes was just what I needed to change my attitude, spirit and mood. Does he even know how much power I have over his life? If he did would he care? I doubt it. A dog has only one focus at a time and right then his whole focus was on me and it made me feel terrific.

This is the ultimate when it comes to service. To be the entire focus of someone’s attention, to be completely welcomed with happiness and sincerity, this is a sure-fire way to make someone’s day.

Some people may consider this a bit over the top, I mean I’m advocating acting like a dog with customers? Yes indeed I am, and anyone who owns a dog knows that there is an incredibly special thing about the way a dog fills space, listens, and reacts to a person. Remember dogs can’t communicate the way humans do and so the way they communicate must convey so much more than mere words.

Here are some dog characteristics that will help you in dealing with customers:

1.    Be really, truly and sincerely happy to see or hear from them.
Nothing makes a person feel better, warmer and more appreciated than knowing someone is happy to see or hear from them. Say their name and use a big smile. By the way, it’s easy to be truly happy to see someone when you remember that without that person you wouldn’t get fed. Remember that your job depends on the service you provide.

2.    Use your body language to show your excitement!

Be alert and stand up straight. Hold your head straight when speaking and keep your shoulders even with the floor so that you show your attentiveness. This will also be better for your health! You can also lean forward slightly to show interest and make it easier for you to listen. This applies if you are facing someone or if you are on the phone. Our body language gives off energy, so use it to your advantage.

3.    Look at them intently.
A dog will keep their eyes glued to you as you move and talk. They may not understand all the words you say but they are attentive anyway, and doesn’t that feel great? Look at people in the eye, gaze straight at them with a warm look in your eye and you’ll be surprised at how much easier they become to deal with.

4.    Take rejection as a temporary condition.

Even after you chastise a dog he comes back loving you even more. A dog doesn’t hold it against you if you are harsh with him or neglect him. Our customers aren’t so forgiving, but if we want to provide dog gone good service we need to be more dog like in this department.  If a person is rude over the phone or in person you can just shrug your shoulders and try a smile again. Someone else’s attitude won’t unsettle you if you have a goal to serve that other person, even if they aren’t that easy to please.

My dog does wonders for my life because he doesn’t take it personally when I’m having a bad day. He is very persistent at getting my attention and giving me love whether I desire it or not.  This is what makes him so incredibly valuable to me. Are you giving that kind of service? If not you might take a lesson from the canine crowd and I know your service will improve and I’m sure your life and health would too. Dog gone it! There’s really no reason not to give dog gone good service, unless of course you’re as independent as a cat!

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  1. Thanks for writing,I really enjoyed your newest post.I think you should post more frequently,you obviously have talent for blogging!

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