Common Sense, Not So Common?

The theme is common sense this week and I don’t know who said it but I heard once that common sense wasn’t so common any more – so I thought it would help us all.

It was Richard Aldington who said, “A little common sense, goodwill, and a tiny dose of unselfishness could make this goodly earth into an earthly paradise.”

Wow! Using your common sense and adding goodwill to make the world better – what if that was the goal of every person on earth? What would that look and feel like? Let’s do it today – it can start right here with you and me.

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think!  Be Present!
Go Make it a Magnificent Day!
Start now with:


& The Schuh Crew

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~ by Shawna Schuh on April 20, 2009.

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