Be Your Best

H.W. Dresser gave us this,

“Be true to the best you know. This is your high ideal. If you do your best, you cannot do more. Do your best every day and your life will gradually expand into satisfying fullness. Cultivate the habit of doing one thing at a time with quiet deliberateness. Always allow yourself a sufficient margin of time in which to do your work well. Frequently examine your working methods to discover and eliminate unnecessary tension. Aim at poise, repose, and self control. The relaxed worker accomplishes most.”

Boy did this quote strike home from what many of us have been working on – being our best – working on one thing at a time and taking the time to think – Successful living is not a secret!

Bonus today from Joe Vitale:

When I gave my “15 Minute Miracle” talk in Maui last December, the message was that this moment is the one you are seeking, yet it’s also the one you are dismissing.

When you appreciate this moment, you’re at one with all and you’ve experienced the greatest miracle of all: happiness.

Are you in this moment, or reflecting on the past or
dreaming about the future?

Are you in this moment, or waiting for something
to happen to feel happy again?

Are you in this moment, or reliving a past memory
that you thought was better than now?

The miracle is now.

Go make it a Magnificent Day!

You Create Your Day by the Way You Think! Be Present!
Start now with:


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~ by Shawna Schuh on April 8, 2009.

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