Do Something Today!

It’s the end of this week – how did it go for you? Are you satisfied with the way you’ve spent your time?

Friday’s are good days for reflection – give yourself a set period of time to review your week – then build in improvements.

Here’s a story to help you… Make it a magnificent weekend!

A man who owned a plot of land was about to leave the area on a journey that would take several years. Before he left, he leased his land to others. When he returned he discovered his renters had been careless, and brambles had sprung up, turning his plot of land into a wilderness of thorns. Desiring to cultivate the land, he said to his son, “Your job is to go and clear that ground.”

The son visited the acreage and quickly concluded that it would take forever to get the land cleared! Overwhelmed by the task, he lay down on the ground and went to sleep. He did the same day after day. When his father came to see what had been done, he found his son asleep and the land untouched.

When his father woke him, the son complained that the job had looked so monumental, he could never make himself begin to tackle the project. His father replied, “Son, if you had only cleared the area on which you lay down for a nap each day, your work would have advanced and you would not have lost heart.” After the father left, the son began to do what his father had advised. In s short time, the plot of land was cleared and cultivated.

The habit of doing something – even something small on your goals each day will advance you more than you realize. Do something today!


& The Schuh Crew

Shawna Schuh, CSP
Helping Sales Professionals, Executives, and Service Teams profit through advanced people skills.

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~ by Shawna Schuh on March 20, 2009.

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